Day: September 4, 2020


August Sales Off the Chart – Contracts Up 133%

August 2020 was a record for any August sales in Greenwich. The last two weeks were the busiest of the year with over 60 transactions each week. 48 out of 108 sales in August went for full list price or over list price. A couple of stats may be indicating an August peak, but other point to continued growth.


The Greenwich Alliance for Education hired AVID students and alumni and funded Unbound Summer VR, a project designed to be a testing platform for Unbound Innovations – a VR Makery at Western Middle School and Alliance Reaching out Grant recipient for 2019-2021 (Alliance investment $74,000). Unbound Summer VR started in mid-July and each day, the six students met virtually with Mr. Lipari and Mrs. Giorlando DeRosa wearing Oculus headsets. They experimented with VR software and collaborated using AltspaceVR a virtual meeting place. One student commented that VR could be the “future of technology in education."

Forging Links to Break the Chains of COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused many, if not most, to feel isolated and alone, particularly the elderly. Children, too, are profoundly affected by the lack of interaction with their extended family, friends, and older adults. Christ Church Greenwich has created Silver Links, where children read stories to older parishioners, and the Bobby Project, where youth and the elderly connect.

Everyone Has a Story

There are so many things going on beneath the surface for all of us, that feels far more than what has been normal.
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