Editorial: Let Your Voice Be Heard

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Restaurant reviews


The Flavorful World of Saltaire

In the heart of Port Chester, nestled within the century-old historic grain warehouse along the picturesque banks of the Byram River, lies the culinary treasure that is Saltaire Oyster Bar & Kitchen. Saltaire is a culinary experience that pays homage to the finest seafood and artisanal drinks. I had the privilege of exploring its charms during a visit to their Oyster Lounge (located just across the foyer from the main dining room) for their Wine & Brine Happy Hour.

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You’ve Never Had a Better Bagel

I must confess, when I walked into PopUp Bagels, I wasn’t expecting anything remarkable. I’ve had bagels before, and while they’re alright, they’re not my preferred bread product. So, when I took a bite of a salt bagel with Dill Pickle cream cheese, I definitely wasn’t anticipating a life-changing experience.

But that’s exactly what it was; I’ve never had a better bagel.

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Tropical Paradise Finds a Home in Cos Cob

The opportunity to review Island Fin Poke was born out of a chance meeting at everyone’s favorite bank, The First Bank of Greenwich. In on my weekly run to deposit checks and say hello, Frank Gaudio introduced me to the man who brought Island Fin Poke to Greenwich, Jamie Darnow, who invited me to come in for a taste.

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