Restaurant reviews

Tropical Paradise Finds a Home in Cos Cob

The opportunity to review Island Fin Poke was born out of a chance meeting at everyone’s favorite bank, The First Bank of Greenwich. In on my weekly run to deposit checks and say hello, Frank Gaudio introduced me to the man who brought Island Fin Poke to Greenwich, Jamie Darnow, who invited me to come in for a taste.

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I Didn’t Think It Could Get Better… And Then It Did

As an avid lover of East Asian culture and cuisine, I’d seen Omakase before on Youtube or in movies. While I was familiar with the overall concept of what Omakase was, I didn’t know the specifics. To me, Omakase was simply an elevated sushi experience. Which it is, but it is also so much more.

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Tsuki: The Best Sushi in Greenwich Isn’t Where You Think

Tsuki combines high quality ingredients at the peak of freshness with explosive flavors, creating a restaurant that’s not only a meal but an experience. Earlier this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to try some of their most popular dishes. I walked into Tsuki pretty much knowing what to expect, or so I thought. If there’s one thing Greenwich maybe has too many of, it’s sushi places. We just cannot get enough sushi in this town for some reason, and everyone has their opinions. Well, Greenwich, here’s your new favorite sushi restaurant.

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