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Mental Wellness in Young Children during Challenging Times

We’ve entered perhaps the darkest winter we will ever face in our lifetime. We have no research to demonstrate the long-term effects the pandemic will have on children's mental health. It is essential to support the mental wellness of young children in an effort to minimize the long-term socioemotional and psychological effects of the pandemic.

In Greenwich’s Hottest Sales Year Why are Some Neighborhood Stats Down?

Covid clearly pushed up sales in Greenwich, Connecticut, but other factors led to increased sales in 2021. People want bigger houses and bigger lots, the opposite of what they wanted after the Recession. As a result some neighborhoods did extraordinarily well, while other actually saw a slight decline in sales. Trends indicate that price may jump in

How We Get Out of This Mess

The diagnosis of nation's problems is that we have lost the narrative and confused our identities. The solution is not political but spiritual. It’s not in revenge but grace. It’s not in ourselves or our screens, but comes from God and his word.

Following the Prince of Peace

Our hearts are heavy and sad for our nation. As we condemn the violence perpetrated against our democratic institutions this week, we should seek to be people of love, justice and peace for healing of our country.

Snow Lessons

Last week’s snow got me thinking about some larger issues, which helped me gain some perspective on the current difficulties we all are experiencing, individually and collectively, in our homes and businesses, locally, state-wide, nationally and globally.
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