Letter: Support Safety Improvements

I am writing today to thank First Selectman Fred Camilo on his planned safety improvements for Greenwich Avenue. Unlike other heads of municipalities who may turn a blind eye to public safety due to budget constraints, our First Selectman Fred Camilo has made “public safety” a hallmark priority in his administration.

Unfortunately, our Agnes Morley Housing community recently suffered – not one loss of life, but two lives while trying to cross the street on Milbank Avenue. As Chairman of Greenwich Communities, I immediately notified our First Selectman and he took immediate steps to make improvements at that crossing site, with signage, low bumps, re-painting of the crosswalk lights and lighting. There was no further delay in what had to be done. Fred assessed the situation and made calls and got it done! This is action! No dragging feet, no late night meetings – just common sense adjustments for the sake of SAFETY.

We should never lose another life due to the lack of attention to public safety. Greenwich has many senior citizens living, shopping, banking and enjoying the abundant restaurants with close proximity to their home complexes… the Mews, the Senior Center, the Town Hall Annex, and Agnes Morley. Many of them walk to get exercise and with gas prices and parking meters – it’s easier to walk. Yes, there will be additional parking spaces in this plan. This designed bump out, having passed the necessary votes in the RTM, is funded by thy Local Transportation Capital Improvements Program (LOTCIP). It is being closely monitored by our P&Z, Public Works and will be shaped to allow traffic to flow and seniors to get where they want to go safely. We should remember that they may be taking a longer time getting across any one of the crossing areas and the main objective is that they get across safely. This isn’t rocket science – it’s common sense woven with calming and care. We’re all going to be in their shoes someday walking a little bit slower.

I would also like to say, that I am surprised at the REPUBLICAN leadership in opposing this much needed safety improvement. This shows a lack of understanding of senior needs. So much for supporting our seniors. They have given us so much, now it’s time to give back to them!

This new group of Republicans must not be paying attention to any of the polling data. It would be wise to remember that seniors vote big in elections.

Sam Romeo
Chairman of Greenwich Communities & Advocate for our Seniors


Publisher’s note: This letter has been updated with a correction by author Sam Romeo

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