Letter: That’s a Wrap

To the Editor,

The 2021-2022 school year will go down in history as perhaps one of our most eventful.  We began the year with masks and renewed uncertainty, but just a few months ago we could finally see our students’ faces again.  One of the teachers remarked that it was surprising to see just how young they looked, but they had certainly grown in many ways.

At Greenwich Public Schools, we accomplished a great deal this year with many academic, music, art and athletic successes.  We utilized additional federal funding to make a variety of investments from math and reading to social workers.  We also managed through two major relocations to allow for building repairs but North Mianus is now restored and Central Middle School has been reinforced pending eventual replacement.

I had the pleasure of conferring the diplomas to the Class of 2022 last week, and the level of maturity of these students was impressive.  Every student whose hand I shook was engaging.  All 682 students, their families and their teachers should be proud.

As we enter the summer, please know that this Board of Education will not rest.  We are spending time on strategic plans and the rebuilding of Central Middle School.  We are a volunteer Board that historically did not meet in the summer, but COVID planning changed that and we continue to work year-round.  The Board of Education did some great work to keep the schools open and running through COVID but now we can return our sole focus to core issues, and I’m pleased to do so with my colleagues, Dr. Jones and her team, parents, students and the broader community.

Thank you to all of our students for another tremendous year and for continuing to demonstrate the strength, spirit and love of learning that we admire.  Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for leading us with your passion, resilience and kindness.  I know you will go on to do great things.

Kathleen Stowe
Chair of Greenwich Board of Education

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