Day: June 14, 2022


Obituary: Wesley Krahl, Jr.

Wesley Albert Krahl, Jr., 83, of Taborton, Sand Lake, New York, husband of the late Barbara Krahl, died February 13, 2022, of sudden cardiac…

Column: The RMA focuses on a Collaboration that Won World War II

In one of the most consequential collaborations of the twentieth century, Marshall and Stimson led the American military effort during World War II, in roles that blended business, politics, diplomacy, and bureaucracy in addition to warfighting. With a dazzling synergy, they transformed an outdated, poorly equipped army into a well-equipped modern fighting force of millions. The story of how this odd couple "won the war" centers not on the battlefields, but on what we call today the supply chain.

Letter: Support Safety Improvements

I am writing today to thank First Selectman Fred Camilo on his planned safety improvements for Greenwich Avenue. Unlike other heads of municipalities who…

Obituary: Dwight Wall

Dwight Thomas Wall, 84, of Riverside, CT, passed away from renal failure in Stamford Hospital on May 4, 2022 with his loving children by…
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