Wine Lovers or Scotch… What to Give

By Jeb Fiorita & Peter Olson

It is that time of year where we see packages all tied up in string being delivered all over Greenwich. What we also see, are those marvelous slim bags full of wine and spirits that we are marching along to many a holiday party and family gathering. What to get this year that will wow your family and fellow party goers? Val’s Putman Wine and Spirits has a plethora of marvelous suggestions for you! Not only do we pride ourselves on knowing our customer’s “go to” choices, our knowledge of their palates enables us to suggest choices they will love but simply didn’t know about. Thinking outside the bottle when it comes to crafts, spirits and wine is what we do best.

So, let’s start with wine. First, never allow price to be your determining factor in selecting a bottle of wine – whether it is for you or someone else. As we have mentioned in previous articles, Val’s has a wide and superior selection at a variety of price points. Surely, there are much

sought-after and expensive bottles to be had, but there are just as many reasonably-priced and delicious bottles that will make for very happy gift recipients.

Second, go with what the person you are buying for likes, or something very close to it. For example, if it is a Barolo they love for its full body, that is a good place to start. However, you could switch it up a bit to a Barbaresco. If a medium Cabernet Sauvignon is more to your friend or family member’s taste, you could help them branch out into a lighter Pinot Noir or a medium-bodied Merlot.

Of course, you may have white wine lovers on your gift list as well. One white that we cannot keep enough stock of is Sauvignon Blanc, but if you want to surprise a palate that leans that way, why not try a Sancerre, which in fact is a Sauvignon Blanc. If a drier white is in order, a Chardonnay for example, try a Pouilly-Fuisse or a Meursault from the Burgundy section of France. Mixing things up makes for a great conversation over holiday cocktails at the neighborhood party or your family

dinner table!
This time of year is also

popular for sparkling wines. We have several options form Domaine Bousquet and La Cle De La Femme Champagne to Altaneve, La Marca and Mionetto Prosecco. These make a great gift or a great start to a wonderful dinner.

For folks who prefer craft spirits, you should know that this has been an area that has seen exciting leaps forward in recent years. Selecting a gift from this category can be fun and exciting. Gin is not just a partner for tonic anymore! We have a great selection of Connecticut distilled spirits including Asylum, Tuck, Litch eld and Sindica. All three of these gins are great either on the rocks or paired with your favorite mix.

Vodka is also a spirit that has evolved into a great craft business. Brands such as Tito’s and Steel Dust are great for mixers, but if you are a “vodka rocks” kind of person, you might want to try our vodkas form Colorado, Vermont, Michigan and Connecticut. Not to worry, the staples of Grey Goose, Belvidere and Ketel One are also in stock.

We have certainly covered the subject of Bourbon in prior articles. Make sure that you check out our choices from local distilleries such as Taconic, and Kings County in addition to those Kentucky regulars (i.e., Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek and Four Roses).

Finally, and certainly not the last or least, we have Scotch Whiskey. That special bottle of Macallan or Glenlivet sits nicely on that side table next to a winged back chair and a fire on chilly December evenings. There are so many flavor profiles to choose from. If you like your scotch earthy and “peaty”, we would suggest a Laphroiag or Oban. If you are looking for a dried fruit direction, Macallan would be a good choice. Compass Box has some incredible expressions which we recommend exploring as well.

Let us take the guess work out of filling up that slim bag with contents that will put a smile on your friends and families faces alike!

Happy Holidays from all your friends at Val’s!
Jeb, Gabriella. Chris, Diaby, Santiago, Arona, Eric, Sonia, Peter, Shamick, Manny, Johnny, Dru, Ania, Akila and Ted.

Jeb is the owner of Val’s Putnam Wines & Liquors with locations in Greenwich and Glenville. Peter is in charge of business development.