Editorial: Day-Glo Journalism

Newspaper editorial in the Greenwich Sentinel about the importance of local newspapers.

Restaurant reviews


The Cottage Brings New Vibe to Greenwich Avenue

The Cottage has brought new life to Greenwich Avenue through its inventive and interesting food. So often when new restaurants come to Greenwich I feel a little twinge of dread. Is this going to be the same thing I can eat and five other restaurants on The Ave? My expectations were blown out of the water by Chef Brian Lewis.

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La Crémaillère: Destination for Delicious

La Cremaillere is cozy, warm, and investing; it’s a destination without being out of the way; and the food is expertly prepared by a chef who has clearly found his passion. Winding down the back roads of Greenwich, past the Babcock Preserve and the polo fields, La Cremaillere is just 15 minutes from Downtown Greenwich, but it feels like a destination. Stepping through the doors you’re greeted by an upscale yet cozy atmosphere. It’s a unique change of pace– often “cozy” and “fancy” seem like contradictions, but they’ve married it well at La Cremaillere.

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