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Why the Greenwich Real Estate is Not Like the U.S. Market

Greenwich real estate is doing much better than much of the U.S. real estate market. In fact, by most measures our market has gotten tighter in the last few months. To be fair the rate of increase has slowed, but prices are still going up and months of supply remains very low.

Column: Building Your Own Dream House

Building your dream house takes a lot thought and a good architect. You have to design not just for the moment, but for the decades ahead as your family evolves and lifestyles change. A good design is timeless.

Column: July 2022 Greenwich Real Estate Market Report

Interest rates are slowing sales under $1.5 million, but in some price ranges we are seeing more sales percentages going up. It is a market with a lot of uncertainty, which presents opportunities for those with the ability to enter deals now.
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