Day: January 24, 2024


RMA Presents “From Search Engine to Generative AI: How ChatGPT Changed the World in a Few Months”

Dr. Rick Lawrence discussed the differences between the Google search engine, which uses the PageRank algorithm to display verbatim text from reliable websites, and artificial intelligence (AI), which can create new responses based on a large database but may not always be accurate. He also addressed the capabilities of AI, the challenges of regulating AI, and the potential impact of AI on society, including issues such as misinformation, job elimination, and the responsibility for regulating AI. Further research is needed to determine whether and how AI can be controlled to behave ethically.

Fisher, Fassuliotis Lead BET

New BET Leadership Prioritizes Unity and Open Dialogue in Addressing Greenwich’s Fiscal Challenges In the wake of the internal Board of Estimate and Taxation…
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