Letter: Promising Candidate: Kalena Bruce

To the Editor,

I had the pleasure of attending a dinner hosted for a promising Congressional candidate, Kalena Bruce.  Kalena is a 5th generation rancher and a CPA for Integrity Squared, the firm that she and her sister created 12 years ago to primarily advise farmers.

Kalena is running for the 4th District House seat in Missouri and the primary is right around the corner in August.  Kalena resides in beautiful Stockton, MO with her loving husband and daughter, surrounded by extended family.  With a lot of hard work, Kalena and her family have put themselves in a great position. Kalena is seamlessly able to balance raising her daughter (an excellent horse show rider), run her family’s cattle farm, and manage her accounting firm.  One would think, why would she risk disrupting this life by tossing her hat into the ring.  ‘It’s not a calling, it’s conviction’ described Kalena, who feels a duty to ensure others are able to enjoy a similar quality of life for which she and her husband have attained.  Kalena’s involvement with local organizations and serving on committees have shed light on the fact that her community is looking for a voice to represent them.  Kalena has experience with Washington, such as when she helped structure the Tax Cut & Jobs Act for the Trump Administration which helped reduce taxes for families.

The Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, was the dinner’s guest of honor and gave a glowing endorsement of Kalena (first time the Governor has endorsed any candidate).  He went on to say that he’s excited to see a young and hardworking lady entering politics who would bring a breath of fresh air in Washington and has the ability to uphold traditional conservative values.

Due to Kalena’s experience in agriculture, she wants to help support farmers in the breadbasket of America, which is more important now than ever, considering the threat to global food security due to the war in Ukraine.

Kalena would like to prioritize educational reform by focusing on supporting vocational-based education as a great way for graduates to carve out a career with specialized skills.  Additionally, what seems to be taking a page out of Elon Musk’s playbook, Kalena is also one for ensuring Big Tech is a force for free speech.

You can follow her campaign through her website: https://www.kalenabruce.com/

Charlie Tricomi

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