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Human Services Offers Logo Design Contest for Students

The Greenwich Department of Human Services (GDHS) is looking for a new logo! Design ideas from students, ages five to 19, living in Greenwich are eligible. The selected design will garner the artist a $250 grand prize! Students interested in submitting a logo design should create their design (digital format only in .jpeg, .png, .pdf or a high resolution image from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign), complete the registration form found on the Department of Human Services website at greenwich.gov, and email the registration form and the design file to gdhslogocontest@greenwichct.org. The contest is sponsored by the First Selectman’s Youth Commission and will be judged by a selection committee comprised of the First Selectman, the Department of Human Services commissioner and members of the First Selectman’s Youth Commission, who will evaluate all entries and select the winner. All entries must be submitted by Monday, May 30. Complete rules and regulations are available at greenwichct.gov (search Department of Human Services Logo Design).

“Our department plays a specific role in the Town of Greenwich. We are looking to select a logo that reflects our distinct purpose and personality,” said Demetria Nelson, commissioner of the Greenwich Department of Human Services. “We thought that having a logo design contest for students in Greenwich would encourage the generation of creative, new ideas that really reflect the Department of Human Services and what we represent.”

Logo entries must illustrate services the Department provides local residents and reflect the mission of the Greenwich Department of Human Services, which is to enhance the quality of life of Greenwich residents and meet basic human needs while offering services and pathways that build on clients’ strengths and lead to well-being and economic stability. This vision is achieved through a robust and integrated system of services that are equitable, accessible and available. The Department’s values are: inclusion, respect, teamwork and open communication. The Department offers services that connect residents to the essential resources of the community. These resources provide the support to health care, education, employment opportunities, food, personal safety and shelter. The Department offers bi-lingual staff dedicated to help all residents.

The logo designs will be judged on relevance — alignment with the Department’s mission, vision and values; originality and aesthetic quality — how it commands attention, its overall display and visual balance of color and design, and its unified and appealing design.

“The logo should be easily recognizable as the Greenwich Department of Human Services,” noted Demetria Nelson. “It should raise the visibility of the Department, its services and highlight the support that the Department provides local residents through community partnerships. We are excited to see what the students create!”

The Department of Human Services plans on using the new logo on its social media channels including Facebook and Instagram, on the Department’s Town website page, and in any media, online, print, merchandise or other collateral materials. To learn more, visit greenwichct.gov.

The Greenwich Department of Human Services (GDHS) serves as a community bridge and provides direct services to the essential resources of the community. GDHS provides Greenwich residents and their families in need of basic human services support, helps respond to crisis situations and provides information and referral assistance. GDHS also assists with applying for federal, state and local benefits including Husky, Social Security, Workman’s Compensation, unemployment benefits, Medicaid, Snap, WIC and subsidized housing. GDHS provides referrals for food and clothing, Salvation Army assistance, assistance with community gifts , behavioral health, personal safety, education and employment, energy assistance, utility shut off prevention and mediation, English as a second language classes (ESL) and protective service referrals. GDHS runs the community programs, i.e., Campership – a camp scholarship program for children 5-14 years old, Boots & Shoes for children ages 5-14 years old, Holiday Aid, Byram Archibald Neighborhood Center (BANC) After School Program, Greenwich Youth Conservation Program, and Greenwich Youth Corp.; offers Homecare Services; assists with applying for Energy Assistance Programs such as the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program, Operation Fuel Program, Renters Rebate Program (seniors 65+ and disabled); and administers the Community Partnership Program that grants funds to partner agencies whose services and programs strengthen the community’s capacity in providing basic human services. GDHS staff is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and evenings by appointment. Bilingual staff are available. All services are confidential. To learn more, visit greenwichct.gov or call 203-622-3800 or email GDHS@greenwichct.org. To learn of GDHS news and updates, follow GDHS on Facebook @Greenwichdeptofhumanservices and Instagram at @greenwichhumanservicesdept.

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