Editorial: Summer Hiatus

There was no mistaking it this week. The dog days of summer are here. Those hot, sultry days when everyone just wants to stay inside. Life slows down to a trickle of activities as folks depart for cooler climates – usually.

If this were a normal year, we would be eagerly anticipating our departure for our favorite secluded beach in Maine where the water is cold enough to snap you out of even the hottest days of summer.

Our Maine traditions were born from our mother being a native Mainer. We would visit our grandparents in Augusta every summer. Over time our family, cousins included, self-divided into two distinct groups, based on the preferred body of water. You were either ocean people or lake people.

Regardless of which group you identified with, there was not much variation in how you got to Maine. Only so many roads will lead you to the Piscataqua River Bridge between Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine.

Because we have been making the trek for decades, first with parents, then with children and now, our children on their own. Jokes that were first told in the 1960’s are still repeated today. “Are we going over the bridge or under?” And when we go through a toll plaza, “Did I ever tell you about the time my Mom went to throw the change in the bucket and missed entirely? She and her friend just laughed hysterically.”

Now our children report in that when they cross the Piscataqua River, they roll down the windows and turn up the music, just like we did when we were their age (and still do today).

There is also the annual retelling of a story from the 1970’s when a certain family member was in a rush to make a ferry and while parking accidently, hit the fire house in Boothbay Harbor. Unsure of what to do, and not wanting to just flee the scene entirely, she left the car imbedded into the side of the building with a note explaining she would be back after the last ferry.

It was noteworthy enough, or perhaps just a very slow news week, for the local paper to report upon the incident and list all parties involved. The prime suspect was not too happy to become a local celebrity, if only for a moment, nor was her father. To this day you must be very select in whose company you retell the story (sorry Mom).

For us, these traditions are being put on hold this year. Yes, we are still taking our annual two-week hiatus, starting when this issue goes to bed, but we will be staying put and working to roll out some new features of the Greenwich Sentinel.

For the August 21st issue you will notice a new listing of individuals for the Editorial Page. We are excited to be adding several individuals to our Editorial Board. This group will meet monthly throughout the year to discuss town issues and where the Greenwich Sentinel stands on those issues. It is a bipartisan group and between them they will share responsibility for the weekly editorial.

We will also be announcing a new group of individuals who will form what we are calling an “Endorsement Board.” These individuals, who will be from different backgrounds and political affiliations, will be responsible for meeting with each candidate running for local office and then deciding whom to endorse. No one who has an ownership stake in the Sentinel will be part of the Endorsement Board.

We want to ensure the Sentinel has a transparent open process for endorsing candidates for office.

So, changes are afoot! For now, however, we hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe next few weeks. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have suggestions or story ideas. We are here working away.