Summer Wonder: By Any Means Necessary

By Eli Schaffer

It goes without saying that this summer is a little different than others. We still have the lush plants, wildlife activity and the New England summer heat, and while summer camp experiences are modified or missing this year, there are opportunities new and old for our children to seek adventure and discover the wonder of these special months outdoors. Virtual summer camp programs can deliver the exchanges that produce new understandings of the natural world and inspire young minds to make the most of their largest classroom, the outdoors.

The Greenwich Audubon Center has led summer education programs for over 7 decades and this summer will be no exception. In partnership with the other Audubon centers in Connecticut, we offer four more weeks of nature education and exploration with themes ranging from The Amazing World of Plants to Twilight Adventures. Campers will log-in to join educators interacting with the trails and ponds of our Center as well as to check-in with the extraordinary raptors and other animals being rehabilitated at the Sharon Audubon Center.

With volunteers back on site and our trails open seven days a week, The Greenwich Audubon team is thrilled to see activity return to our sanctuaries. There is so much amazing animal and plant life to better understand and you don’t have to go far to find a place to create in-person moments of wonder. While uncertainty remains and hardships persist for so many of our neighbors and fellow humans, the opportunities to explore and learn become all-the-more special and hold more value than we ever could have imagined. Online nature learning with Audubon and other environmental organizations can bring the wonders of summer to people with limited access to nature and new learners all around the word. To learn more about Audubon’s Virtual Summer Camp and connecting with nature through a variety of online and real-world opportunities, check us out at

Eli Schaffer is the Director of the Greenwich Audubon Center. He is living a life-long dream of connecting people to meaningful experiences that make the world a better place. Visit the Greenwich Audubon Center for your dose of nature exploration at 613 Riversville Rd in Greenwich or at