Astrology Column For Week of Nov 24, 2019

23 Nov-21 Dec No matter how upsetting
or aggressive others get this week it
doesn’t need to affect you directly.
You may not be able to change your
current situation but you can choose
whether or not to be annoyed by it.
You have always got free will.

22 Dec-20 Jan An emotional New Moon
urges you to spend time with your
thoughts and you can’t do that if
you’re surrounded by chatter. If you
need to grab a few hours to yourself
just say you’re going out for some
fresh air, and forget to come back.

21 Jan-19 Feb If the old way of doing
things no longer seems to work it’s
time to replace it with something
up-to-date. Aquarius may be the sign
of the future but you’re reluctant at
times to let go of the past. Anything
no longer useful must be abandoned.

20 Feb-20 March Don’t be in such a
hurry to reconstruct your life that you
mistakenly get rid of something that
could prove useful one day. Make
changes at home and work, by all
means, but make them one at a time;
don’t throw everything out at once.

21 March-20 April Ariens aren’t averse
to risk but you could find yourself
attracted to a gamble this week that
your instincts tell you is doomed to fail.
There are other routes to excitement
than risking everything you own.
Think about what you stand to lose.

21 April-21 May If you’re working hard
but achieving or receiving less, slow
down and select your objectives with
care. Anything making your workload
easier to bear is to be encouraged. It
will convince you that it is possible to
accomplish more by attempting less.

22 May-21 June A perfect Venus-Jupiter
aspect indicates that a long-term
emotional commitment must now be
made, reluctant as you may be to give
up your independence. If you harbour
your resentment it will cause heartache
and hardship which you can’t afford.

22 June-23 July Focus only on the
positive this week as with Mars
opposing disruptive Uranus you
could easily lose your temper if you
let negative events get you down. The
world is still a wonderful place, even
if some of the people in it are not.

24 July-23 Aug Anything romantic,
artistic or creative will work out well
this week so give it your all. Whatever
you start will be seen by others as an
example of how it should be done
so be sure to get the details right
and leave nothing to chance.

24 Aug-23 Sept Let partners and loved
ones settle their own emotional issues
for once – you can’t do everything for
them and it would be senseless to try.
Creatively, you’ll soon be riding a wave
and you can’t afford to waste energy
and time propping up fragile egos.

24 Sept-23 Oct Criticism may be hurtful
but it can also be helpful if you learn
from it. Whether a partner or colleague
has your interests at heart is irrelevant:
what matters is whether there is some
truth in what they have to say. Listen,
learn and become a better person.

24 Oct-22 Nov You may have to make
a sacrifice this week as a New Moon
in Sagittarius brings your finances into
sharp focus but you won’t have to
get rid of anything you really need. In
fact, if you’ve been thinking of having
a clear out this is the time to do so.

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