Letter: An Open Letter from Allyson Cowin, Kim Fiorello, Icy Frantz, Kimberly Salib,  Sheryl Sorbaro, Jane Sprung

An Open Letter from Allyson Cowin, Kim Fiorello, Icy Frantz, Kimberly Salib,  Sheryl Sorbaro, Jane Sprung

We are all Friends and Neighbors

A dear friend sent us an email last week saying that while she came from a different political perspective, she was happy to see that we are running for the RTM. We appreciated her kindness and support, and pledged that if elected to the RTM, we would be open-minded and willing to listen to and research all viewpoints on the issues facing the community. After all, we are neighbors and want to do what is best for Greenwich.

There is nothing wrong with running as a slate of people with similar beliefs.  The women of Indivisible Greenwich did this in the last election.  Other groups are running with similar ideas in this election. It is transparent and helps our neighbors decide which policies they want to pursue for our town. It is fair and balanced to let people know honestly where you stand on the issues.

We feel it is partisan and wrong, however, to try to hurt or sabotage another person’s campaign, by disseminating false or misleading information. Recently, the husband of a women associated with Indivisible Greenwich purchased FredCamillo.com and redirected online searches of the candidate’s name to a site that the candidate does not support.   Freedom of Speech guarantees our right to express our own views and it does not give us the right to use someone else’s name for their own political purposes. It is simply dishonest and wrong, if not illegal, to buy the rights to someone else’s name and use their name for illegitimate purposes. There is no place in our community and local discourse for these dishonest antics. They are divisive to our town, dishonest and degrading.

In addition, the weekly newsletters sent out by the Indivisibles are often not factual and degrading about Camillo and other candidates.  Also, this past week, the same group accused Camillo of planting the fraudulent signs himself.

They claim that the Camillo camp put them up intending to blame the “outrageous” stunt on the Democrats and/or Indivisible Greenwich in an effort to turn the public against them.

Again, Greenwich is better than this.

We are in the midst of a contested election.  Let’s all play fair, be open and honest with where we stand, and debate the issues. Let’s not play games and launch attacks but instead celebrate all of the wonderful things happening in Greenwich. Let’s all come together, debate issues facing our community like long term versus short term financing of capital projects, public-private partnerships and revitalization and all agree to disagree while practicing respect for each other.  Let’s come together and embrace the things that we agree on and debate the issues and ideas that we do not agree on in an open and honest manner so that we can best determine the most effective ways to improve our wonderful community.

After all, we are all friends and neighbors.

Allyson Cowin, Kim Fiorello, Icy Frantz, Kimberly Salib,  Sheryl Sorbaro, Jane Sprung are candidates for the Representative Town Meeting.  The opinions expressed her in do not represent those of RTM.

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