Greenwich Police Captain Placed on Paid Administrative Leave Over Fake Campaign Signs

By Richard Kaufman

Mark Kordick, a Greenwich Police Captain, has been placed on paid administrative leave after information came to the department’s attention that he was involved with the fraudulent campaign signs that cropped up around town last Friday, which attempted to link Republican First Selectman candidate, Fred Camillo, with national politics.

“Yesterday afternoon the Police Administration received information from an external source that indicated that Police Captain Mark Kordick may have been involved in some way in the placement of the alleged fake political signs that have caused much controversy throughout Town this past week,” the GPD said in a written statement on Tuesday morning.

“During a subsequent meeting, Captain Kordick confirmed a level of personal involvement in this activity. Effective yesterday afternoon, Captain Kordick has been placed on paid administrative leave while the Police Administration conducts a full review of these circumstances to determine if any Departmental rules, regulation for policies have been violated.

“The Police Administration will reserve passing judgement until all the facts are reviewed and Captain Kordick will be afforded all the due process in which he is entitled.”

Richard DiPreta, Chair of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee, said in a written statement last Friday that the signs were not authorized by the RTC or Camillo’s campaign. There was no wording on the signs saying who paid for them. They have since been removed.

“While all Americans are entitled to free speech, they are not entitled to make it appear as if their free speech is coming from another person. These signs do exactly that. This is why these actions are outrageous and disrespectful to the political process in Greenwich,” DiPreta said in his written statement. “This type of divisive behavior has no place in Greenwich. It is not who we are and not who we have ever been.”

Camillo called the signs “desperate, dirty and fraudulent.” 

Jill Oberlander, Democratic candidate for First Selectman, denied having anything to do with the signs Friday afternoon. She said she knew nothing about them until she noticed them early Friday.

“I had nothing to do with them, and I don’t know anyone who did or would. It is not the campaign that I’ve been running at all,” she said.

Sandy Litvack, Oberlander’s running mate for Selectman, also denied knowledge of the signs.

Litvack’s wife, Joanna Swomley, is a co-founder of Indivisible Greenwich along with Nerlyn Pierson. The two released a joint statement on Friday denying any knowledge of the signs.

The Greenwich Police Department said it will not comment further on the matter.

About Author: Richard Kaufman

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