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July 4, 2019 by John Ferris Robben
Beth photographed by John Ferris Robben

Beth photographed by John Ferris Robben

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The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” was first used in advertising in the 1920’s to promote the use of images in ads. Since then, it has become almost part of our daily lexicon. I love what it represents; the concept of being able to tell a story from a single picture.

The photo directly below, from this past July 4th celebration, is just such an image. When I first saw it in John’s collection from the day (some of the others are also featured on this page), I realized it exemplifies in many ways exactly how I feel about Greenwich. It captures a moment that made me smile and reveals a thousand well earned words of thanks.

First and foremost, thank you to John Ferris Robben, who took the photograph. John is an incredible photographer who has helped with the Sentinel since day one. He has been a steady presence through good days and bad and, although I’ve given him many reasons, he never complains. He loves what he does and you can see it in his work. He also managed to get a headshot of me that didn’t make me instantly and visibly recoil.

John captures the moments of Greenwich, typically at our finest, and gives us a collective visual memory worthy of printing and celebrating. He is not in it for the money, most of his efforts are as a volunteer. He is in it for the love of our town. He arrives with a smile, a gift, a wonderfully quirky sense of humor, and a genuine caring that is unique to him. How extraordinary it is that we get to share in his gift. One this is certain, John loves Greenwich.

If you see John around town snapping photos, it would mean a lot to him, and to all of us here, if you shot him a quick thank you.

July 4, 2019 by John Ferris Robben

July 4, 2019 by John Ferris Robben

In the picture at left I see a little boy making his way toward the podium or perhaps he has simply decided that is the perfect spot to listen to Peter Tesei, delivering what is likely his first speech of the day and thirtieth public appearance of the week. I saw Peter later that day in a rarely relaxed afternoon pose at a mutual friend’s home and he could not have been more complimentary of the event. One thing is certain, Peter Tesei loves Greenwich.

Next to Peter, Edward Dadakis is reviewing his notes and I guarantee you that he is hoping at that moment that the program will go well without being too long and that the heat of the day will hold off a bit longer. This is one of Edward’s favorite events and he is intensely patriotic so the flag in the little boy’s hand was donated by him, as were all the flags handed out that day. One thing is certain, Edward Dadakis loves Greenwich.

At the edge of photo past Edward is Bea Crumbine, all in red. Bea has helped organize this event from the beginning. Her absolute charm and grace give her an almost other-wordly quality. One thing is certain, Bea Crumbine loves Greenwich.

On the other side of Peter is Livvy Floren, who has noticed the child and is keeping an eye on him with a smile on her face that gives away her good heart, grace, and love of children. One thing is certain, Livvy Floren loves Greenwich.

If you look closely, you will see in the shadows behind Peter Tesei the one and only Dawn Federman Marshall, who arrives each year to organize the birthday cake and ensures that it is ready to share with everyone who made the trip over to town hall. One thing is certain, Dawn loves Greenwich.

As we celebrate Greenwich’s Founding this week and celebrate our town’s birthday, let us remember that we all have one thing in common, at least I hope we do, we love Greenwich.

Those mentioned in this piece (and many others) have been cheering on Greenwich for decades.

And so, a thousand words of thanks for every single event which you organized, planned, and promoted, and at which you photographed, presented, cleaned, entertained, subsidized, sang, spoke, decorated, and cheered.

And thank you as well to Susie Moore, who volunteered to stream the event live on the Sentinel’s Facebook page (which you can still go back and watch by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/GreenwichSentinel/videos/685343971892037/).

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