Letter:  The Republican Party of Know

Letter to the Editor by State Representative Livvy Floren

The ugly din of rancor and false allegations prevails … name calling, rudeness and riled tempers.  One of the demeaning epithets being hurled is:  “Republicans are merely the party of no.”

I beg to differ.  My party is actually and factually the party of KNOW.

Some Republican truths are:

  • state budgets are best when bipartisan
  • most Connecticut voters do not want tolls
  • the “debt diet” and a hard bond cap are excellent initiatives
  • economies of scale and shared services are viable goals to be locally determined
  • the transportation lockbox and “Prioritize Progress” offer reasonable means to accomplish needed infrastructure improvements
  • increased taxes will not solve the deficit
  • quality of life issues – jobs, the economy, education and access to healthcare – are of paramount importance to all Connecticut residents.

The laudable list of positive and informed Republican principles goes on and on. There are ways to make our state a better place to live, work and raise a family.  We know!

Livvy Floren, state representative, Greenwich and Stamford

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