Letter: Fire and GEMS Station Needed

To the Editor,

Many people support the current Town of Greenwich budget proposal of $100,000 to evaluate the need for a site for a Fire Station and a GEMS ambulance to save lives in northwest Greenwich. I agree with First Selectman Peter Tesei and Fire Chief Peter Siecienski that we should go ahead with this project to find the best site where there is no fire station now.

GEMS parks an ambulance along the road on King street in order to ensure quick access for emergency care for residents and nursing home occupants but there is no fire station in that area of Greenwich. All Greenwich residents need fire safety. Making plans to get the area for a permanent health and fire safety site is a preventive measure that should not wait!

 Call the Selectmen to support this study to get a permanent safety-based facility in northwest Greenwich.

Maryann Ramos
MPH, PA-C Emeritus; Member, Greenwich Board of Health and Greenwich Medical Reserve Corps.

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