Sun Rises on Spring

Photo by Patty Doyle.

March 20 marked the spring equinox, when daylight hours and nighttime hours are approximately equal, twelve hours all over the globe.

It is the day that heralds the coming of spring and warmer weather, when we can count on longer days ahead. 

This year, equinox and the first full moon of spring are virtually simultaneous. This year’s March full moon was at its brightest less than four hours after the equinox. According to NASA, there hasn’t been a comparable coincidence since the spring equinox in 2000.

Lee Mohon at NASA explains, “because the Moon is near perigee, it qualifies as a supermoon–the third and final of 2019. It’s not a big supermoon, so you wouldn’t really be able to see the difference. Super or seemingly not, it’s a rare celestial coincidence to usher in springtime.”

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