Column: My Top 10 Wellness List for 2019

By Julia Chiappetta

1.Become the CEO of your body, mind and soul, and, in doing so, check labels and only use non-toxic items on and in your body.    

2. Have a vision for your wellness, and move with excitement towards the lifestyle changes to meet these goals. 

3. Start each day with heartfelt prayers of gratitude, to set the tone for each day.   

4. Do not give power to negative thoughts, feelings or people.

5. Alkaline your body with foods and good, clean water – at about 8-10 pH.     

6. Maximize your intake of nutrients with organic superfoods, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Wheat grass does it for me- 1 ounce daily on an empty stomach covers all of these.

7. Go green always with organic, fresh juices (no fruit with veggies, unless green apple or lemon).

8. Fitness is key. Walk, run, hike, cycle, blade, lift weights, Pilates, yoga, swim, dance, or whatever your preference or passion, for at least 30 minutes a day to pump your heart and combat any stress or anxiety.

9. Rest up with a good 7-8 hours of sleep, which is essential to heal your cells and give your brain a break.  Try turning it all off; turn off the TV, laptop and phone and put them on airplane mode to reduce the electro-magnetic field in your zone.

10. Balance it all: work, play, family and community. Volunteering always helps me regain my perspective and footing, and the benefits gained are endless.    

Our bodies are priceless, their value immeasurable, so be a good steward to yours and let 2019 be the year that you reach new heights, feel the best you have ever felt, so that you can be a beacon for others. 

Each day is a gift, so perhaps start with one change, each day or week, and, by springtime, you will blossom and come alive like the flowers and trees, sleeping now, and bring forth your brilliance. 

Shine bright in 2019.  Be the LIGHT in your workplace, with family and friends, in your neighborhood and the community! And, enjoy the blessings when others are drawn to your healthy, warm, welcoming light.   

Julia Chiappetta is the author of “Breast Cancer: The Notebook” (Gemini Media, 2006) and is also the owner of Julia Chiappetta Consulting. She lives in Cos Cob. More information and past columns can be found at