Letter: Camillo Broad-Minded

To the Editor,

Fred Camillo is a broad-minded individual who representatives a broad base of humanity in his district. The needs of his constituents are his top priority.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have a friend in Fred Camillo. He co-sponsored a bill that would provide incentives to encourage the growth of bioscience venture capital in Connecticut. The bill is now law and it increases the chances of job creation in a field that is growing continually and providing good salaries.

If you are a hard-working individual striving for the American Dream, you can count on Fred to make sure you are paid for your efforts. He supported a new public act that strengthens provisions of the law concerning pay equity and fairness. Fred believes that “everyone” deserves a fair chance at success.

If you are senior citizen, Fred Camillo has your best interests at heart, which is why he introduced legislation that would create disclosure and credentialing requirements for persons advising senior citizens on life care planning. Over the years, Fred had heard stories, “of incidents where a senior loved one was taken advantage of, and the financial and emotional damages ranged from frustration to devastation.” He’s got you covered.

If you or a loved one is disabled, Fred Camillo will be there for you. He co-sponsored a bill that would establish a pilot program to address the needs of people seeking residential services from the Department of Developmental services. And if you are in need of a prosthetic device, Fred wants to make sure your health insurance provides coverage for that device. Fred joined the IDD Caucus/ Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and worked on several bills affecting those with needs.

It takes an open minded and caring representative to respond to the many needs of a varied community. Fred Camillo is that person.

Lori Nicholson

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