Growing the Ranks of the Fire Police in Greenwich

From left: Glenville Volunteer Fire Company Fire Police Captain Mark Horvath, Greenwich Fire Chief Peter Siecienski, Glenville Fire Police Officers Patrick Rooney and Jennifer Almeida, Assistant Greenwich Fire Chief Robert Kick and Greenwich First Selectman Peter J. Tesei.

With a swearing-in ceremony on Monday, Dec. 11, the ranks of Greenwich’s volunteer Fire Police continues to grow.

The two new officers of the Glenville Volunteer Fire Company Fire Police were sworn in at a Town Hall ceremony by First Selectman Peter J. Tesei, who also serves as the Town’s Fire Commissioner.

The new fire police officers are Patrick Rooney, age 20, and Jennifer Almeida, age 25. With Rooney and Almeida, the Town now has 140 “tagged” or certified volunteers who have been trained and can respond to emergency calls, according to Greenwich Fire Chief Peter Siecienski. The volunteer ranks have more than doubled in the past decade. Siecienski said that when he first became Chief in 2007, there were 67 certified volunteers.

Also attending Monday’s ceremony was Mark Horvath, the Captain of the Glenville Volunteer Fire Company Police. Mr. Horvath joined the Fire Police 14 years ago, at the age of 18. According to Assistant Greenwich Fire Chief Robert Kick, “Mark is our top volunteer. He responds to an average of more than 900 calls a year.”

First Selectman Tesei said that with Mr. Rooney and Ms. Almeida joining the volunteer ranks with Fire Police Captain Horvath, “it is clearly very refreshing to see how the younger residents in Greenwich are very forthcoming and dedicated to giving their service to the Town and to their fellow residents.”

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should call 203-618-8877.

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