Column: Joy… Healing Joy

By Julia Chiappetta

Joy is often described as a feeling of happiness, gladness, elation, exuberance, euphoria, bliss, rapture, exultation, glee and enjoyment.

Joy is expressed in many ways and born from an emotion or physical sensation that is a wordless action. Some of us may jump for joy, others may find joy when they receive good news or simply feel joyful on a beautiful day surrounded by nature.

So, since JOY is an action, how about considering some of these actions to find it:      

  Take on a fun project and commit to it

  Check off something on your bucket list

  Learn something new – like a language, enroll in ballroom dancing, take a boxing or spin class   

  Take time to meditate and listen to what God is trying to tell you 

  Spend time outdoors, marveling at the color of the ocean, the sky and the sunset

  Start a 90-day work out challenge

  Sing to your favorite music at the top of your lungs in your car

  Play Hide & Go Seek with a bunch of kids 

  Go to the opera or a cool concert

  Take a picnic outdoors even on a cold day

  Roast marshmallows around a fire pit

  Take off an hour or afternoon on what might seem a busy day

  Surprise a parent, grandparent, friend or neighbor with a visit

  Write a note to Santa

  Do something spontaneous- hop on a train and explore where it takes you

  Honor yourself consciously & frequently 

  Don’t give power to negative or sad feelings

  Love yourself

  Get your gumption back

  Be happy with your best efforts    

  Love your body, even in physical challenges 

  Resurrect the talents of your youth like drawing, painting or playing the guitar

  Sit outside on a cold night looking up at the stars, wrapped in blanket

Joy makes is feel… well… joyful and when we are joyful we feel good about ourselves, we feel confidant, fulfilled, engaged, healthy and loved. This wordless sensation comes from within, so find time to seek your inner JOY and do it with intention.       

The wonder of Christmas brings us on the scene in Bethlehem. Close your eyes and imagine a cold night 2017 years ago when a baby was born in a manger surrounded by people, sheep and other animals. HE was called Jesus, Might Counselor, Emanuel (God with Us). Wise Men travelled for months, walking hundreds of miles led by a bright STAR to bring gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. They find the baby, fall down to worship, finding Love, Peace & Joy. We too, find the same, recalling that night of wonder as we look to The Savior of the World.    

As always, don’t forget to drink a nutrient rich, organic green juice or smoothie every morning and, especially Christmas morning. Fill your trays with nuts, figs and fruits and set your tables leaving a place for humble giving. Perhaps that space might be filled with showing love, donating time or money to those that we pass every day on our streets, in our own backyards who are broken, alone and hurting.    

Thank you Jesus for filling us with the Healing JOY that only you can bring!      

Joyful, Joyful, we Adore Thee! 

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Julia Chiappetta is the author of “Breast Cancer: The Notebook” (Gemini Media, 2006) and is also the owner of Julia Chiappetta Consulting. She lives in Cos Cob. More information and past columns can be found at

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