Letter: Duus Understands Fiscal Problems

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Andy Duus for the Greenwich BET. I have known Andy for many years, and have found him to be a deeply impressive person. Andy is distinguished by his intelligence, his caring personality and his significant background and experience in finance. I was particularly impressed a few years back when Andy and his wife, Nancy, also an impressive finance professional, developed creative proposals to address our state’s mounting financial crisis, and made the effort to share with and educate the community about their recommendations.    

Andy has exhibited an excellent understanding of not just the reasons for Connecticut’s financial crisis, but also the potential impacts on Greenwich.  Having served on the Greenwich RTM’s Budget Overview Committee, Andy is keenly aware of the pressures and damage the state’s financial problems bring to our town. Most importantly, he has further shown that he is willing and able to address those problems head-on.   

Chris Franco, Riverside

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