Letter: Welcome Barbara

To the Editor:

Connecticut has just gained a huge score in the elevation of Ms. Barbara Heins as first assistant to our remarkable First Selectman, Peter Tesei.

I see it happening. We are going to be the next Colorado, technology hub, business renaissance state, silicon valley of New England, without the folly and tax-obsessed ways of Massachusetts. Connecticut’s pro-business climate and culture will make our pudgy ways-be-gone! Guess who will be one of the leaders of this New Connecticut? Barbara Heins!

I am sending a big congratulations on her new post as First Assistant to the First Selectman.

Nobody has their finger on the pulse of Greenwich as a pro-business epi-center of magnanimous culture and community building.

Greenwich you are so clever to have hired a distinguished writer! Good writers make excellent change agents, they know what fires up and inspires the citizens of the town; where the points of light and charity are happening on a given Thursday night or at this and that gala; they know what Church has pews that are teeming and what preschools have mile long wait lists. Writers are driven by compassion. Barbara you are a passionate writer.

Thank you for your work on Patch…you made it one of the best Patch.com’s around.

Now, here’s to your next chapter of supporting our amazing First Selectman as he continues to accomplish the feat of being the best First Selectman in the nation.

You two will rock the State of Connecticut! We will become the catalyst of what I have been predicting will be an East Coast pro-family, pro-business renaissance state a la’ Colorado.

Yes, folks, with Walko, Tesei, and now Heins, New England will be the hub of an emerging scene of folks and businesses wanting to be here!

We are the anti-thesis of Portlandia and I predict, Barbara, Hollywood will be contacting you about a TV series based on “Greenwichlandia!”

Yes, I am this confident in you and Peter and Steve.

Because as one local PR person, I have been one of your consumers and admirers who has had the good pleasure of benefiting from your wake of lofty ethics and your exciting vision for our Town.

Can’t wait to see how your words will help to spread the greatness of our Town, even farther.

Good writers trump talking heads any day.

Jodi Weisz

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