Letter: Trump: Tells It Like It Is

To the Editor:

There comes a point in a person’s life when they must put aside their own personal desires and put the needs of their country first. I believe this is what Donald Trump is doing. What ever was Donald Trump’s past, is past.  I truly believe that Trump is sincere in wanting to apply his energy, his business experience and his general expertise on behalf of his country and the American people, all of which was a party to his personal success as a businessman and billionaire; in a way it’s a sort of “paying forward.”

Although Trump has no experience as a career politician, he does have experience that developed his expertise and successful track record as a businessman.  Personally, I don’t want to support career politicians; to me their experience is likely a negative, as politics tends to be a corrupting force.

So for those skeptics who automatically write off Donald Trump because of his past, because of his ego, or his braggadocio, please keep an open mind.

What Trump has going for him is his successful track record as a businessman. What became known as his motto, “You’re fired!,” clearly demonstrates a badly needed accountability and enforcement that our government has abdicated.

His ego? Yes, he has a big ego, most successful people do have big egos; the more successful they are, the more likely they will have a proportionately large ego. If a man is successful, he has earned the right to brag about his success.

The impressive thing about Trump is that he tells it like it is; he is confident he is sincere he is not afraid to stand up to the all powerful left wing liberal news media, and his confidence and assertiveness are attributes that are much needed.

Nick Fortunato

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