Letter: Tesei, A Remarkable Leader

To the Editor,

It is a privilege to serve with so many dedicated public servants. Over the years we have worked together to find real solutions for everything from difficult fiscal issues to tragic events and devastating weather.

One of these individuals in particular has demonstrated remarkable leadership, a deep understanding of the issues, a genuine love of Greenwich, and a respect for community and others that sets an example for us all. Peter Tesei has served with great distinction and produced outstanding results for nearly eight years as our First Selectman. He is someone whose inclusive management approach consistently builds a foundation for well-informed, efficient decision making and follow through with the implementation of those decisions.

Peter’s ability to work with the BET and lead on the issue of finances has resulted in a municipal balance sheet that is the envy of the state. Service levels remain excellent and department morale high.

Peter listens carefully and is a thoughtful decision maker. His record is rock solid, and he is exactly the kind of Chief Elected Official that Greenwich needs and deserves for another two years. We are fortunate that Peter has decided to run again, and I hope you will join me in voting for him again.

Scott Frantz
36th Senate District

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