Strength & Courage Exercise Class Developed for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

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The YMCA of Greenwich now offers a Strength & Courage Exercise Class for breast cancer patients and survivors. The class aims to preserve muscle tone and joint motion, combat treatment related side effects and increase energy and self confidence. The class is taught by Wendy Lee Rosa a fitness enthusiast who was inspired to start this class when her good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told she had to give up exercise.

“We’re going to do be doing a little cardio, range of motion stretching, light weights if they’re up for light weights. It’s all going to depend on the people in the class, it could be body weight just doing the curls or they can add the weights. We’re going to be doing meditation, some stretching on the floor, wall climbs with the hands to get that range of motion, balance is crucial. It’s going to incorporate a little of everything,” said Wendy Lee Rosa.

The classes are Saturday mornings at 8:30 and are $15 per class for non-members and free for members.

“Bring a friend, if you don’t want to come alone bring a friend. It doesn’t have to be someone with cancer it could be someone with cancer, it doesn’t matter. Having a buddy is always a good thing and the people in the class are always so friendly,” said Wendy Lee Rosa.

For more information call the YMCA of Greenwich at 203 869 1630.

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