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Aquarion Calls for 14th Environmental Champion Nominations

Aquarion Water Company, the primary public water supply company for over 750,000 people across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, has announced the commencement of nominations for its prestigious 2024 Aquarion Environmental Champion Awards. This announcement, made on March 19, marks the 14th consecutive year of the awards, highlighting the company’s enduring commitment to environmental stewardship and recognition of community efforts in this area.

Donald Morrissey, President of Aquarion Water Company, expressed his enthusiasm for the awards, stating, “This year marks the 14th anniversary of the Environmental Champion Awards, a testament to the strong public support for environmental stewardship.” He emphasized the company’s eagerness to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of individuals and organizations that have demonstrated a profound commitment to protecting Connecticut’s natural resources.

Since its inception in 2010, the Aquarion Environmental Champion Awards have played a crucial role in shining a light on the dedication and hard work of environmental volunteers in Connecticut. These individuals and groups have set a high standard, showcasing innovative and sustainable initiatives that significantly contribute to the state’s environmental health and vitality.

The 2024 awards will acknowledge notable environmental efforts in various categories, including Adult, Non-Profit Organization, Business, and Student (Grades 9-12). The winners in the Adult, Non-Prof it Organization, and Business categories will be given the opportunity to select an environmental non-profit to receive a $5,000 grant in their honor. In contrast, the winner in the Student category will receive a $1,000 prize.

Nominations for the awards are open until May 3, with the winners set to be celebrated at a special ceremony on June 1, at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. This event will serve not only as a celebration of t he awardees’ achievements but also as a platform to highlight the importance of collaborative efforts in environmental protection

Morrissey further commented on the significance of the awards, noting, “The passion and dedication of Connecticut’s environmental volunteers inspire us all and underscore the importance of collective action in safeguarding our environment.” The awards are thus seen as a means of acknowledging and inspiring further environmental activism within the state.

Those interested in submitting nominations can do so online via the Aquarion Water Company website. Detailed information and nomination guidelines are available at www.aquarionwater.com/awards

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