Column: A Firm Commitment to Our Schools

By Fred Camillo

As First Selectman, together with Selectwoman Lauren Rabin, we recognize the critical conversations taking place within our beloved community concerning the scope and cost of our treasured Old Greenwich School (OGS) and Central Middle School (CMS). This ongoing dialogue forms an integral part of our democratic process and I would like to express profound gratitude for the time, effort, and dedication from everyone involved. We firmly believe that our schools deserve decisive action, commitment, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

With a profound sense of duty and respect for the concerns of all Greenwich residents, we will continue to advocate for the optimal, efficient, and sustainable reconstruction of both OGS and CMS. We will also continue to advocate for a thorough and inclusive process.

On the subject of OGS, I extend special thanks to our fellow Republican members of the Board of Estimate & Taxation. Their sincere concerns were pertinent and necessary, following their mandate to require accountability and transparency when more than fifty million dollars of taxpayer funds will be spent. When discrepancies arose, I took the initiative to clarify matters directly with OGSBC Chairman, James Waters. I am pleased to report that his comprehensive response showed that while there are genuine differences in how to move forward in some areas, we are on a very positive trajectory overall.

The OGSBC team deserves the highest praise for their relentless efforts towards planning a state-of-the-art educational facility. This forward-thinking vision maintains the irreplaceable charm of the original 1902 structure while preparing our future generations for success in an ever-evolving educational landscape.

Reflecting on my eleven years in the Connecticut General Assembly, I’ve learned that success in any substantial venture depends entirely on studying the difficult questions, acquiring robust data, and executing meticulous research. Rest assured, these principles guide our decision-making processes.

Selectwoman Rabin, with 15 years of leadership in PTA executive committees and 4 years on the Board of Education, possesses invaluable insights into the educational and infrastructural demands of our Greenwich Public Schools. These perspectives are vital in shaping the path forward for our schools and the students they serve.

Our public school system is not merely an asset; it is the heart and soul of our community, shaping the minds of our future leaders. As such, it warrants nothing less than our unwavering support and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Let this serve not only as a statement of our steadfast commitment but also as a rallying call for unity in actively supporting the transformative endeavors for OGS and CMS. Together, we can shape a future where our schools are a beacon of the very best education, reflecting the vibrant spirit of our remarkable town.

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