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LETTER: A Democrat’s Perspective on Re-Electing Fred Camillo

Dear Editor,

The answer is simple. Just look around at our beautiful town, the envy of the nation! New curbing is being installed everywhere you look. Flowers are blooming throughout the town, and parks that are second to none grace our streets. Take notice of the stonework on the Sound Beach Avenue Bridge by Binney Park, or the rejuvenated beauty of Greenwich Point. All of these improvements and more have happened under the guidance of our town’s Chief Executive, Fred.

As we reflect on the recent past, we must not forget how Fred handled the pandemic. Restaurants remained open, safe outdoor dining was ensured, and Fred made sure we were all kept safe with sensible regulations that balanced public safety, the necessity for businesses to stay open, and our children to continue receiving an education.

I have known Fred for many years. While I am a Democrat, I have learned a great deal from him and hold a great deal of respect for him. We have always worked together, independent of party affiliation, always for the good of our community.

For the newer residents who may not know, Fred was instrumental in getting Nathaniel Witherell renovated a few years back. He collaborated with many Democrats to secure the millions upon millions of dollars the town needed for renovations. While in the House, Fred sponsored legislation that became law, protecting our volunteer first responders. As the ranking member of the Commerce Committee, he made and maintained so many Hartford connections that brought money back to Greenwich.

Fred co-founded the Needs Clearing House with me; a charity that supported other charities in town before he was First Selectman. Successor charities have continued his good work, assisting the sick, the homeless, and many more individuals throughout the state and beyond.

So why should I or anyone else vote to re-elect Fred Camillo for First Selectman? The answer is clear! He has done a great job leading our town through tough times, while always keeping his eye on our quality of life. His balanced conservatism should appeal to everyone in town, even a liberal like me!

Joseph Kaliko

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