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Letter: Republicans Stand for Schools, Reasonable Budget and Free Speech

To the Editor,

The Central Middle School (CMS) Building Committee Meeting chaired by the former DNC chair is very comfortable with a heavy handed approach and autocratic methods. The lack of willingness by Democrats on this CMS building committee to give responsible Republicans, Nisha Arora, Mike Spilo and Lauren Rabin equal and fair treatment is outrageous. These reasonable Republicans and any other independent thinkers deserve transparency and their first amendment rights of free speech.  Observing this phenomenon leads us to understand the reasons behind rampant scheduling delays and cost overruns on town projects like CMS.

Here are CMS facts: Last year, $2.5MM was approved for the architect, and an additional $67.5MM was budgeted for the remainder of the project. We are hearing rumblings that actual CMS cost will be even above that number, with architectural allocations ballooning to over $4MM and a generous $70MM construction likely to head over $100MM.

Political polarization at the hands of Democrats can negatively impact the willingness of Independents and Republicans to engage in government activities and reduce collaboration among members. When a perception of a biased or unequal playing field is established, it can further discourage any Greenwich citizen from participating in our town government and committees. Volunteers in our community, Independents and Republicans should not be obstructed by Democrats’ dismissive manner toward independent thinking.  Republicans stand for debate, discussion and compromise.  We stand for education, for our schools, and our students.

Please, let’s do away with strong arm tactics like censorship, quashing debates and canceling others.  Only with all of us- Democrats, Republicans and Independents- are exercising our first amendment rights and engaging in independent thinking, will we experience the best decisions and outcomes for our community and our children.

Beth MacGillivray
Chair Greenwich Republicans
RTM District 7

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