Letter: Young Democrat Women

To the Editor,

We in Greenwich are fortunate, indeed, to have Ryan Fazio representing us in Hartford. Ryan Fazio is the only candidate I’m actually excited to vote for next week. He focuses on issues that actually matter to us in Greenwich, brings a young person’s perspective to Hartford, is just a good guy. Fazio cares about his community in a way I haven’t seen from many others who choose to serve their communities through politics. And that’s what being in government work is, a service to your constituents. Fazio is out there, knocking on doors and listening to what residents have to say every day, he understands the spirit of service you need to effectively work in Hartford. He’s from Greenwich, so he understands how we work and why we do what we do. Not for nothing, but I’m not voting for a candidate who’s lived here for only four years and already run for two very different offices… Fazio fights for women’s rights to reproductive health and has introduced legislation to make contraception more available, he’s focused on the future, and he cares about and loves his community deeply. I am a 23 year old, Democrat woman, and on Tuesday November 8th, I’ll be voting for Ryan Fazio.

Emma Barhydt

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