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Young Musicians Raise $14,000 for Abilis in Benefit Concert

L to R: Accompanist Elina Christova, Children Helping Children founder Ayush Maini and his sister Emma Maini performing at a Benefit Concert on October 16 at the Greenwich Arts Council. Contributed photo.

By Anne W. Semmes

On Sunday last, the organization, Children Helping Children (CHC), sponsored by the Young Artist Philharmonic, partnering with the nonprofit Abilis, held a Benefit Concert for some 70 attendees that raised $14,000. The funds will support Abilis’ efforts to “provide those with developmental disabilities and their families with support and advocacy to build able lives and strong communities.”

The concert was held at the Greenwich Arts Council and organized by 11th grade musician Ayush Maini, the founder of Children Helping Children with help from his team of fellow musicians including his sister Emma Maini, an eighth grader. “We are the String Beans,” Ayush notes of his sister. “The ‘String’ references that we both play string instruments, and there is a subtle nod to us being rather skinny.”

Ayush describes Children Helping Children that he founded in 2019 as “an organization that organizes and creates an annual benefit concert run by children, raising money for other children. These concerts are run with the belief that children who are passionate about both music and community service can use the gift of music to help raise money for other children in need around the world.”
Ayush had been motivated from age 11 to begin holding benefit concerts after a close friend was diagnosed with leukemia. But while researching and setting up last year’s concert, he learned of “many other people’s pain and struggles.” After listening to “heartfelt stories from people, and, through hard work, dedication, and the kindness of people’s hearts,” he tells, “We have raised over $45,000 over the last three years to help fund research and hospital care with the ultimate goal of saving lives.”

By offering each year performances by accomplished and gifted children, Ayush says, “Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives through music. Over the years, we have partnered first with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, then the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. In 2020, we partnered with the New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital, and, in 2021, we took a more global perspective and partnered with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to support their mission of ensuring that no child suffers needlessly.”

This year’s concert with its “overwhelming success of raising $14,000 for Abilis,” says Ayush, “is bringing our grand total of funds raised for children around the world to nearly $60,000 over the last four years.”

Through the sponsorship of Young Artists Philharmonic and “the generosity of Greenwich Arts Council,” Ayush tells, “Our live events have always been held at the Greenwich Arts Council. Both organizations engage and provide opportunities to young developing artists such as ourselves. Many of the performers that join us for these concerts are recruited through word-of-mouth; as we create a program, my team and I reach out to folks I’ve met or have worked with in the past. We’re always looking for more talented young musicians who share the passion of using music to make a difference.”

For more information, and to support Children Helping Children, visit https://donorbox.org/children-helping-children-2022.

L to R: Volunteer musicians Ayush Maini, Emma Maini, Mlo Gogate, Emi Gogate, Gua Kin, Nicole Razhanskiy, Aran Basu, Francesca Santanna, Kristen Petty, Elisia Cho, and Ewan MacLennan at the Children Helping Children Benefit Concert on October 16 at the Greenwich Arts Council. Contributed photo.
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