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Greenwich Clergy Fellowship statement on gun violence

In the wake of tragic events, many of us ask: Why did God let this happen? Together, we grieve the mass shootings that have taken place over the past month, and that there have already been 246 mass shootings in our country this year. We mourn that gun violence is the leading cause of death for children and teens in America. And we mourn with the devastated families and communities.

As clergy leading people through times of moral and spiritual crisis, we are saddened by the magnitude of this crisis. So we ask, “where are those who are willing to prevent such tragedy from occurring again?”

To start, we look to our legislators. This year the State of Connecticut passed legislation that designated sixty-four million dollars for gun education, safety, and increased police presence. We pray that other state and national leaders will work across party lines in order to take additional action to keep people safe.

But it is not enough to hope someone else will address this problem. When people cannot shop for groceries, go to a concert, attend a worship service, or drop their children off at school without wondering if they will be shot, we are failing our responsibility as moral leaders who must speak out against the gun violence that has become far too routine. As members of the Greenwich Fellowship of Clergy we believe we cannot stay silent, and so we say enough is enough, it is time for people of faith to take action.

To start the conversation, Round Hill Community Church will host an interfaith gathering for prayer and action at 5pm on Wednesday, June 22. All ages are welcome. We hope you will join us.

Rabbi Jordie Gerson, Greenwich Reform Synagogue
Reverend Shannon White, Round Hill Community Church
Reverend Edward Horstmann, Round Hill Community Church
Reverend Cedric Johnson, Diamond Hill United Methodist Church
Reverend Karen Halac, North Greenwich Congregational Church
Reverend Erin Keys, Greenwich Center for Hope and Renewal
Reverend Andre Castillo, First Presbyterian Church Greenwich
Reverend Jim O’Hanlon, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Cantor Michelle Rubin, Greenwich Reform Synagogue
Reverend Maxwell Grant, Second Congregational Church
Cantor Jill Abramson, Congregation Shir Ami
Rabbi Kevin Peters, Temple Sholom
Reverend Eddie Lopez, Spiritual Care Department Greenwich Hospital
Reverend Felix Gerard Delatour, Little Bethel AMEC
Reverend Marek Zabriskie, Christ Church Greenwich
The Rev. Canon Suzanne M. Culhane, The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island (Christ Church Greenwich, formerly)
The Reverend Stephanie M. Johnson, St. Paul’s, Riverside
The Reverend Dong Hyun Choi, First United Methodist Church

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