Letter: Bullying In Public Schools

To the Editor,

A resident of Greenwich specifically Chickahominy for my entire public-school years I have suffered extreme bullying and now am witnessing it with the current generation in other communities in Greenwich.

Growing up little avenues were given to my dad except numerous parent teacher meetings and making the kids apologize directly to me, yet the bullying continued. Yes, I had amazing teachers who fought so hard for me to protect me at Hamilton Avenue School and Western Middle School, but they had little options as well because they had to follow what the school told them to.

Reality is, I am blessed to be alive because the bullying came to the point my life was in jeopardy with kids trying to throw me down flights of stairs that the option of ending it could have been there, but I never considered that. I have seen in the news locally a child taking his own life at one of the local schools in town and witnessed extreme bullying with children I am close with.

Parents, please speak up for your children (like my dad did for me) and teachers don’t give up and keep trying to protect your students.

Greenwich Board of Education I am begging you take more measures to stop bullying in our school system before it is too late for another child.

Kristen Harris

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