Support for Kim Fiorello

By Gale B. Hartch

I am excited that Kimberly Fiorello is running as the Republican candidate for State Representative for District 149.  There are two qualities that I believe would make her an asset to Connecticut as a member of Connecticut’s General Assembly.

First and foremost Kimberly has an outgoing, cheerful personality. She makes friends easily. She relates to colleagues in an honest, genuine, upbeat fashion. When I attended a social gathering with her, people rushed over to see her.  They wanted to share or discuss some issue or event. She was adept at introducing me to the younger generation. I have been impressed by the large number of friends, old and young and diverse, that Kimberly has accumulated throughout our town and our state.  

Secondly, Kimberly is a great organizer.  She is able to get an enormous amount of work done.  I have watched her as a volunteer raise her hand before anyone else.  She is not afraid to take on a task and in completing it has managed to go way beyond what was expected. She organizes herself well; and when she is in a leadership position with many people involved, she shows the same organizational skills.  She delegates well. She is the one who sets up the Zoom meetings. She is the one who brings people into the discussion.  She is the one who creates new ideas.

In summary these two qualities make Kimberly a perfect candidate for State Representative.  As a new member of the General Assembly Kimberly will be a fresh, bright face.  It would not be long before everyone knows her.  Kimberly will stand out as a legislator helping to get things done with members of both political parties.

Gale B. Hartch, Greenwich resident for 54 years.

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