OpEd: Police Reform Bill is Reckless

By Fred Camillo

As a former member of the Greenwich Delegation, I know what it is like to receive many letters, calls, and emails before controversial votes. So, this is short, to the point, and with respect for the decision before our current delegation.

As the First Selectman of Greenwich, Police Commissioner, and as a fellow resident, I strongly oppose the police reform bill.  

The inherent bias toward the men and women in blue in this proposed legislation, the ones who risk their lives for us each day, is both obvious and offensive. 

To threaten each man and woman in law enforcement with the threat of removal of insurance protection, the elimination of qualified immunity, the banning of controlled military equipment (why is the legislature telling the law enforcement professionals how to do their job, and at worse, potentially handcuffing them in possibly horrific situations?), and placing restrictions on searches, which has public safety disaster written all over it, is a bridge too far. It is also reckless.

To be fair, there are some reforms in the bill that make sense. In fact, we are already looking to do two here in Town, but will do so with our department joining as a partner, not as an adversary. 

Let’s look at what should be addressed without a knee jerk reaction that we see going on all over the country, and that in almost every case, is resulting in lawlessness, disrespect, and chaos.

Fred Camillo, First Selectman, Police Commissioner, and Greenwich resident.

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