Good Cop, Bad Cop

By Nancy Burke

What couple has not used those tactics when trying to discipline their children? They do seem to work. After the tragic events of last week in big city Minneapolis, those words take on a more poignant meaning. This past Tuesday the League of Women Voters hosted an hour plus session with our awesome Greenwich Police Chief Jim Heavey. The LWV asked many good questions about enforcement, recruiting, training, high school security, community interaction, etc. If one has lived in Greenwich, one can look back over the years and can see how fortunate we are to have had an excellent police force combined with the superb leadership of both Police Chiefs and Commissioners (First Selectmen.) Our men in blue have worked incredibly hard to protect their constituents – way beyond any reporting in the police blotter. Please give our local policemen a thumbs up when you pass them (slowly) along the road and consider taking the Greenwich Citizens Police Academy or attending a town hall meeting with the Chief when next offered.

Nancy Burke, Greenwich Resident for 42 years & Graduate of the Citizens Police Academy. 

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