Letter: Thank You King’s Market Old Greenwich

To the Editor,

Dear King’s Market CEO,

I’m writing to thank your Old Greenwich (OG) employees for their consistent kindness and professionalism,  and for adhering strictly to social distancing rules, and their kind rationing of some coveted products (toilet paper packages some days… :) over these past unprecedented few weeks, in my experiences at your OG store.

Your employees, in my experiences, have been completely stellar.

Please –  let your employees in Old Greenwich know –
how much the OG community appreciates them.
They have treated every customer like family for years –
and they are appreciated.
Their dedicated unflinching adherence
to maintaining social distancing –
even when it had come on occasion
to asking customers to please move back, in a line – or away from each other –
Over this past month or so of social distancing –
Is appreciated and respected.
I’ve witnessed elderly people ask them to re bag groceries –
as the customer comes too close; but –
Always, with kindness, respect, grace and gentleness –
your OG employees have managed to help as best they can, while stepping a few steps back, adhering to the rules.

Your employees at King’s OG –
Always – without exception, in my experiences since 1991 – treat customers with respect, kindness and care – while adhering to the rules.
Sometimes, over these past few weeks, customers have ranted on social media about rules – such as: “it’s not fair! I can only buy one .. (toilet paper package; or disinfectant; or whatever the fair share requested was asked of them).  Such rants are not helpful, nor show how King’s goes above and beyond whenever possible. King’s didn’t make these rules. They just adhered and enforced them.

But would these customers who may have complained –
switch places for one minute –
with any one of King’s staff?

Just wanted to communicate –
your OG staff in over 20 years as a customer –
is Dedicated. Professional. Kind. And has adhered to ALL rules re: social distancing.
Even as customers complained – they remained kind, gentle – and firm.

Sending good wishes and prayers to all at King’s OG.

With Gratitude to all at King’s OG,

Robin Pastore

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