RTC Selects New Chairman

Following two years as the chairman of the local Republican Town Committee (RTC), Richard DiPreta has stepped down and the RTC has elected a new chairman, Dan Quigley.

It has been a roller coaster ride for DiPreta as chairman of the organization which is responsible for choosing Republican candidates and helping to get them elected.

He has overseen both devastating losses and remarkable wins.

DiPreta took over as the local republican party’s leader in 2018, following in the foot steps of former state representative and former BET chairmen Steve Walko. DiPreta’s first year as chairman saw the loss of both L. Scott Frantz to Alex Bergstein as state senator and Michael Bocchino to Steve Meskers as state representative.

In 2019 DiPreta helped shepherd Fred Camillo in as the new First Selectman in a landslide victory with over 10,000 votes followed closely by Selectman Lauren Rabin, who took in over 9,000 votes.
Earlier this year, DiPreta celebrated success with Harry Arora, who won in the special election to replace Camillo as state representative.

Now, a new RTC member will take over as chairman.

Dan Quigley was unanimously elected chairman for a two-year term by the members of the RTC, which held its meeting online.

The RTC’s mission statement is to serve as “an integral part of the Greenwich CT community with members and associates who are committed to a fiscally-sound economic policy that promotes, among other things, an efficient government and spirit of volunteerism that serves all the people of Greenwich without encumbering future generations, encourages responsible stewardship of our precious resources and supports educational excellence, by supporting initiatives that improve the skills of all of our students, regardless of their abilities.”

Quigley was raised in Greenwich and educated in the public schools. He and his wife were married at St. Mary’s on the Avenue. Quigley sought election to the Board of Selectman last year before deciding to back Lauren Rabin and serve on her campaign.

At the time, he said, “We have been fortunate to have our Town’s affairs responsibly managed by our Board of Selectmen, volunteer RTM (on which I proudly serve) and its various committees who collaborate to ensure our Town is among the best run in the country.”

Quigley, a stay at home parent, went on to say, “I’ve seen up close as a young boy, a teenager, a college graduate and now as a husband and father what a great place Greenwich is. Our future is filled with opportunity, let’s work together to maximize it. I’ve always wanted to give back to my community, and now is a great time to do just that.”

Quigley will serve with fellow executive officers Jackie Budkins, Marc Ducret, Nisha Arora, and Fred Decaro.

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