Lamont Declares a State of Emergency in Connecticut

Gov. Ned Lamont joined governors in nearby states and declared both a public health emergency and a civil preparedness emergency on Tuesday.

A public health emergency gives the state power over quarantine, while a civil preparedness emergency grants the governor broad powers over state institutions, allowing him to restrict travel, close public schools and buildings and more.

“We don’t do this lightly, Lamont said. “We’ve got to be prepared for what is happening.”

Among other things, a state of emergency does the following:

  • Expedited procurement of cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and other essential resources
  • Allowing qualified professionals other than doctors and nurses to conduct testing
  • Expedited procurement of testing supplies and equipment
  • Expedited personnel onboarding
  • Expedited leasing of lab space
  • Allowing EMS personnel to transport patients to quarantine locations other than just hospitals
  • Providing clear basis for price gouging and enforcement investigation

It also allows travel insurers to offer “cancel for any reason” trip insurance. We will continue to investigate what this means to consumers in Greenwich considering planning a trip in the next few months.

His Declaration Follows Here:
In response to the global pandemic of COVID 19 disease associated with a novel coronavirus that is currently affecting multiple countries and states and has resulted in the spread of infections in Connecticut and surrounding states, as well as resulting shortages of personal protective equipment and other supplies that could jeopardize public safety and civil preparedness, and in order to provide me and other appropriate officials with all authorities necessary to limit the spread of the COVID 19 coronavirus and protect public safety within the State of Connecticut, I hereby declare a public health emergency and civil preparedness emergency throughout the State, pursuant to Sections 19a-131 a and 28-9 of the Connecticut General Statutes. Such public health emergency and civil preparedness emergency shall remain in effect through September 9th, 2020, unless terminated earlier by me. Specifically, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-13 la (f), I hereby authorize and direct the Commissioner of Public Health to delegate the powers regarding isolation or quarantine to municipal and district directors of public health. Municipalities, local health officials, and local education officials are directed to follow previously issued guidance and apply relevant principles of risk management to decisions about whether to cancel, modify, or postpone large gatherings, public events, or travel. Orders regarding additional measures to protect public health and safety, including suspension or modification of specific statutes, will follow as I determine to be necessary. I am filing this declaration with you under my hand and seal on this 10th day of March 2020.
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