Letter: Volunteer Service Thank You to the Sentinel

To the Editor,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your excellent coverage of the launch of our new company, The Volunteer Service, in your August 23rd publication. The positive exposure you gave our business initiative that provides an easy tool to connect local organizations with willing Greenwich volunteers has already proven to be significant with the uptick in signups immediately out of the gate. We hope to maintain this momentum with quality service and meaningful volunteer experiences for our customer base and participating organizations.

Having over forty-five years of volunteer experience combined, we were consistently being asked where we volunteer and how we find out about local opportunities to give back.  It occurred to us, although there are over a hundred non-profit organizations in our area struggling to get volunteers, individuals really don’t know how to easily connect with the organizations that need help. 

Because we saw this need in our community, we created this helpful database which consolidates volunteer opportunities in the area, and is focused on supplying individuals and families with the chance to search and sign up for an opportunity that fits their schedule and needs. 

We pride ourselves on providing a platform where social awareness and opportunity come together. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved and we appreciate you joining us on this exciting journey to make an impact.

TVS Partners
Anne Franscioni, Debra McLaughlin, Hadley Mongell and Heather Woodbridge