Letter: Announcement from Greenwich Registrars of Voters

To the Editor,

The Registrars of Voters are working hard to make certain that they have the correct address information for all registered voters.

In the next few weeks, a letter is being sent to all registered voters. Please review this letter.

If the information in your letter is not correct (ex. you have moved, or you have changed your name), please return the letter with the correct information. You can mail it back for free with the enclosed prepaid envelope.

If the information in your letter is correct, you can discard the letter. In past years, all voters were asked to return the voter address confirmation.Not so in 2019. If your name and address are correct no action need be taken.

2018 was a banner year for voter registration in Greenwich. The number of registered voters increased from 36,453 to 38,450. Greenwich voters turned out in record numbers in November for the mid-term election. Hats off to Greenwich’s voters. Anyone who has questions about the annual canvass or any voting related issue can contact the Registrars of Voters at 203-622-7889 or 203-622-7890 or by email to Fred.DeCaro@greenwichct.org or Mary.Hegarty@greenwichct.org 

Lynn M. Giacomo
Assistant Registrar, Town of Greenwich