Letter: In Support of Greenwich Delegation

To the Editor,

In our Nov. 6th elections, we must make a defining vote on the future of Connecticut. Will we continue making short-term fiscal choices that have created our spiraling economic downturn? Or, will we find the courage to make the hard decisions needed before it is too late?

Thankfully, we have tireless representatives in Senator Scott Frantz, Livvy Floren, Mike Bocchino and Representative Fred Camillo whose efforts benefit Independents, Republicans and Democrats alike. They know our economic strength impacts every community. Today, however, our economy is less competitive than it was in 2011. According to the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth, ‘our platform is burning’.

Recently, Senator Frantz received the Independent party endorsement. This is important. It recognizes his success as a collaborator across party lines. As Co-Chair of the General Assembly’s Finance and Commerce Committees, his leadership has resulted in two bi-partisan budgets that are finally paving the way for fiscal recovery. These budgets include no new state taxes, a phase out of state social security and state pension taxes, establishing spending and bond caps and opening discussions with unions.

As Republicans in the minority for over 8 years, Frantz, Floren, Bocchino and Camillo have made progress. Senator Frantz co-sponsored the new gun safety law which bans bump stocks. Together, they are focused on stemming the out-migration crisis of businesses and families, they are fighting the opioid epidemic and succeeding with school and education improvements. They are seeking long-overdue solutions for our weakening infrastructure and mass transportation problems. They know that union relationships and pension liabilities must be addressed. Finally, they actively support women’s rights in pay equality, domestic violence protection and insurance coverage to ensure breast cancer screenings.

There is much to do on many fronts. However, this momentum can only continue if we go to the polls and elect these leaders who continue put the long-term interests of Connecticut first.

Shelia Graves