Letter: Camillo a True Legislative Representative

To the Editor,

Representative Fred Camillo is the best version of a legislator we could have in Hartford working for the voters in the 151st District.

He is an active listener, a thinker, a problem solver and most importantly – a consensus builder. Fred, in an always thoughtful manner, is able to hear his constituents, take into account a wide range of issues, measure how they fit into the massive state agenda and ultimately find solutions by working across the aisle with all his colleagues.

Often Fred is involved in town wide public projects which benefit the interests of large segments of our citizens. Fred sponsors a sports equipment drive which brings lightly used equipment to youngsters who can then participate in a variety of planned, supervised activities. Fred is also deeply committed to the well-being of seniors in town. He routinely offers assistance to members of this segment of our population when they are in need of a friend as well as a voice.  Fred also focuses on the safety, welfare and ultimately the adoption of animals. In fact, the Human Society of America has recognized him with an award – Humane Legislator Award.

Yes, you may have seen our GO TO GUY, Representative Fred Camillo walking door-to-door throughout the 151st District. Fred personally connects with his many constituents as he listens carefully to each person he encounters. His purpose is to catalog their concerns in order to help solve issues by finding reasonable solutions. Hands down, Fred Camillo holds the gold standard for a legislative representative for the 151st District.

Linda Moshier