Letter: Camillo Honest and Compassionate

To the Editor:

I’m writing in support of Fred Camillo, candidate for State Representative from Greenwich’s 151st District. Even though the 151st isn’t my district, I’ve become aware of Fred and his commitment to all of Greenwich. He’s an ardent supporter of many charitable initiatives in town, and any time I’ve reached out to him for assistance, his answer has always been, “How can I help?” Whether it’s the Citizen’s Police Academy, Volunteer Firefighters, or the town’s animal shelter, you can be sure that Fred is involved.

One of the things that make Greenwich great is the commitment of our volunteers. Fred’s work in Hartford has made those volunteers, and by extension, all of Greenwich safer. He’s directly responsible for the state’s Good Samaritan law that protects people who step in to rescue people or pets.  He’s also responsible for the Volunteer Protection and Indemnification legislation designed to give Connecticut’s volunteers the strongest protection in the country. He’s introduced a bipartisan bill in support of animal welfare which was unanimously passed in the legislature.

Fred’s honesty, compassion, and commitment to Greenwich are beyond question, and I urge my neighbors in the 151st District to re-elect Fred Camillo, so that he can continue to fight for Greenwich.

John Mastracchio