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Whitby Celebrates Anniversary with Student-Run Logo Contest

Members of Whitby’s 8th grade, including From left: Sam Junkermann, Matthew Hake, Jason Gonzalez, Quinn Hulme, Seneca Schmitz, Doris Alvarez, Griffin Penna, Isabelle Behring, Carolina Rivera, Simon Hermann, and Quinn Resnick, pictured with Design Teacher Phil Lohmeyer at Whitby School.

2018 marks Whitby School’s 60th anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, Whitby’s marketing team and Design Department empowered this year’s eighth graders to run a 60th Anniversary Logo Contest. Based on their design knowledge, eighth graders collectively determined the criteria for judging and parameters for entry, and narrowed the selections down to four entries, which were brought to a final vote on Facebook. The winning logo, designed by seventh grader Lauren Lindsey, is now being used on all 60th anniversary marketing materials through the end of the year.

The team of eighth graders who ran the contest, recently completed a 16-week blog project, documenting the process of selecting Whitby’s 60th Anniversary logo. The blog project was co-authored weekly by the eighth graders and Design teacher Phil Lohmeyer, culminating with a final entry by contest winning seventh grader Lauren Lindsey.  Intended to walk readers through different phases of the design process, the posts were distributed through Whitby’s Passion for Learning blog over the past four months, and the project is now available in its entirety at whitbyschool.org/wave-the-flag

The posts include logo contest tips and project strategies used by the eighth graders, who received contest entries from 116 students ranging from six to 14 years old. Middle School Head Jonathan Chein said of the blog project, “A core component of Whitby’s mission is to empower students to take action. What a great opportunity for our students to take meaningful action through a venture that supports digital skills, and fits in with our mission of student advocacy.”

The blog, titled “Wave the Flag for Whitby’s 60th: Logo Contest Design,” features quotes from students, scans of handwritten notes, and photos of the design process. Analysts include Catelyn Peters (Need & Raise Awareness), Victoria Rivera (Research & Find Your Adventure), Quinn Hulme (Products & Meet Your Mentors), and Quinn Resnick (Brief & Cross Over). Developers include Matthew Hake (Specifics & Commit to Change), Carolina Ferrer (Ideas & Experiment), Taylor Bryan (Present & Recruit Your Allies), and Alex Resnick (Diagram & Approach the Challenge).  Creators include Isabelle Behring (Plan & Prepare), Seneca Schmitz (Skills & Attempt), Carolina Rivera (Solution & Seize the Sword), and Griffin Penna (Change & Adapt). Evaluators include Sam Junkermann (Test & Rededicate), Julien Chaussé (Success & Evaluate), Simon Hermann (Improve & Resurrect), and Lauren Lindsey (Impact & Master).

While developing the contest, students piloted a new Project Management system outlined in the 2017 book WAVE THE FLAG: Project Management with Mr. Lohmeyer’s Design Flags. In September, the students received an opportunity to serve the school’s Marketing Department by designing the milestone logo contest.

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